Will the first time be a charm?

My first cycle was happening and I was excited! I could soon be a single mom. I wasn't sure it was going to work though. Would my follicles get big enough so I could inseminate? Read on to find out!

So with the donor sperm waiting for me at the clinic, the only thing left to do was to ovulate. Haha. 3 days after my period I started my first cycle. I went daily or every other day to get tested (blood and ultrasound). They checked how big my follicles were getting and eventually let me know when I would surge (when my luteinizing hormone (LH) rises to start ovulation) so then I could be inseminated and become a single mom!

My first month was unmedicated like I wanted, but it didn’t go so great.  I took notes every appointment, here is what this cycle looked like for me:

First cycle

Day 3 – June 29
Lining – 4mm
Follicle – 12mm
Estrogen -173

Day 5 – July 1
Lining – 6mm
Follicle – 14mm
Estrogen – 403
LH – 15

Day 7 – July 3
Lining – 6mm
Follicle – 14 mm (no change! sad!)
Estrogen – 709 (at least my estrogen isn’t broken!)
LH – 30

Day 9 – July 4
Lining – hyper 6mm
Follicle – 14mm

Apparently, my follicle will only grow to 14mm.  This is not ideal. It should be between 17-22mm in order to be viable or to have a better chance at being fertilized.

This was disappointing news, it meant that I would not be having the procedure.  Good news, I did surge on my own. So I took that as a win.

Going to a medicated round

I was pretty disappointed but wanted to immediately start meds for my next round.

I was, however, informed that before I can start taking the meds I will need to see a doctor.  And the next available appointment was 11 days after my next period started.

This was not great news, I didn’t want to wait for another cycle before I could try again! Needless to say, I was very disappointed but left with that appointment booked.

If you are trying to get pregnant without a medicated round, but, like me, think you might need meds to get pregnant, don’t do what I did and wait until the first time fails. Or fails to happen as in my case. Book that doctor’s appointment for after your first round, but before your next period so you can hopefully get the meds for your second round.

Doctor visit

So on July 28th, 11 days after my period, I went in to see my doctor. I had been going daily to get checked again (in case my egg decided to grow) and it hadn’t. The doctor said that because I was showing like a day 3, we could go ahead and try the drugs this round!


I was so incredibly pumped.

The doctor and I spoke about what the drugs were and how to administer them. We also spoke about the risk of multiples. Using the drugs means that I would have a 15-20% chance risk of having twins.  I had always wanted to have twins, however doing this on my own meant that 1 child would be ideal. 😀

I went to the pharmacy in the clinic and was given the drugs. If you’ll remember, I am not a huge fan of needles, and now I had to give myself needles… twice a day……ug.

If you have gone through this process, what was your least favourite part? If you are just starting out, what are you nervous about?





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