Will the medication be successful?

Having to give myself daily needles didn't thrill me, to say the least. But I knew it had to be done so I could hopefully have a baby.  Would this all lead to insemination? Read on to find out!

I head home with my needles (which need to be refrigerated. So if you live further than 20 or so minutes from the clinic bring icepacks in a cooler) and a new sense of dread… Er excitement.  I have to give myself a shot every morning in the thigh or stomach. I started in the stomach and eventually moved to thigh.  Then had to give myself a BIGGER needle in the evening.

I started to get pretty good at giving myself the needles, but it still made me feel woozy afterwards.

I remember texting my mom to say I felt so faint giving myself the needles one morning and then went back to bed. My mom called me like 30 minutes later in a panic, she had driven to my house thinking I had passed out! She was freaking because I didn’t answer her text!!

I was like what text are you referring to?  She said, “the text I sent asking if you were alright!!!” I checked my phone…  No text was sent.

That is love for you though! I told my mom I was fine, and my friend had slept over that night so I was all good. You have to love moms!

I took the drugs for 8 days.

During these 8 days, I went to the clinic every other day. They were looking for a few things. That my lining needed to be greater than 7mm. My follicle needed to be 17-22mm and my estrogen level needed to surge.

Here is what my second cycle looked like:

Day 11 – July 28
Lining – 5mm
Follicle – 11mm on my right
Estrogen – 279

Day 13 – July 31
Lining – 5 mm
Follicle – 12 mm and 11 mm
Estrogen – 334
LH – 6

Day 16 – Aug 2
Lining – 5 mm
Follicle – 12mm and 11 mm
Estrogen – 627
LH – 6
It is always so disappointing when nothing changes!

Day 18 – Aug 4
Lining – 6
Follicle – 15mm, 13mm and 10 mm – so now there are three….
Estrogen – 1365
LH – 7.8

Day 19 – Aug 5
Lining – 6mm
Follicle – 19mm, 18mm and 11mm – two of them are now big enough!
LH –

At this appointment, when they told me the sizes, I freaked and asked when we were going to do this because HELLO TRIPLETS! They said that they were glad I felt that way (I was like what?! I’m panicked!!) and told me that we would be doing the insemination the next day on Aug 6th.

YAHOO! So I was given an HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) shot in my arm that induces ovulation – releasing the eggs from the follicles – and sent home with an appointment for 11 am the next day.

I told my parents what was happening and asked my mom to come with. So on Saturday, I woke up pretty excited for the day! I knew what to expect (sort of) but was still nervous… Do I dress up? Should I wear makeup? Hair up or down… haha Really though, I may have thought about this…

In the end, I threw on some clothes and made sure I was clean. When I look back on it now, I couldn’t tell you what I wore or how my hair was…


I arrived with my mom for the appointment and my mom stayed in the waiting room while I was taken to an exam room (the same rooms I was in for my appointments). The doctor came in and introduced herself. It was not MY doctor that I was assigned to, she wasn’t in that day. The doctor explained what was going to happen. They brought the specimen for me and I had to check that the donor number matched and sign to say I agreed.

Then I was to lay down on the table, the doctor showed me what was going to be used (it is way smaller then I thought) and the procedure happened. It took like 1 minute. I had to lay on the bed for about 5 minutes after. I didn’t have to put my legs up because they place the sperm into your cervix so basically they have an easier time of it and it can’t ‘fall out’.

Yes, I asked.

Afterwards, I got dressed and went home.

All in all pretty blase. But totally exciting.

I continued on with the rest of my day like nothing had happened. There was a wedding that day which was a lot of fun! Obviously, I didn’t drink, which was odd for people to see, but I just said I was driving.  I did enjoy the food, dancing and all other wedding fun.

It felt so weird to be out and about carrying on like nothing had happened, when in fact something major had!! I could be a mom!! It could be happening RIGHT NOW!  Such a strange and wonderful feeling. Like a secret. A sweet, beautiful secret.


How was your experience the first time? Comment below!










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