5 Ways To Beat Morning Sickness

I had morning sickness. It was awful. Granted not Princess Kate awful, but not fun, nonetheless.

At first, I just felt nauseous. All. The. Time. I would wake up and go to bed feeling sick. This went on for a little over a month. Then I started being sick in in the morning. Now, this was great because all-day nausea left, but being sick sucks.  My morning sickness lasted well into my second, trimester. I also had crazy low blood pressure well into my third trimester. So fun.

If you are lucky, you too can be one of the 80% of women who get morning sickness (according to one site, the numbers change where you google). Lucky for you I have this handy dandy list of things to try if you are overcome with morning sickness side effects like nausea and vomiting.

Morning sickness is the worst! Here are 5 ways to try and settle your stomach.

1. Crackers

Eating before you get out of bed will help curb your morning sickness. Getting something into your stomach before moving can be very helpful. Crumbs? Sure, but what are a few crumbs when you will feel less queasy and like dying. I kept saltines beside my bed in a container (no one likes stale crackers!) and would sit up a bit, eat a few before getting on with my day.

2. Ginger

I had ginger tea, ginger tablets and ginger in my water. This made ginger and me good friends. I would make some ginger tea from Davids Tea and slowly sip on that throughout the morning. So I had my Dad buy me some ginger tablets to take at night (Yup, I was super lucky and had my morning sickness 24 hours a day) and it seemed to help a bit.

3. Essential Oils

I was VERY worried about using essential oils during my pregnancy and tended to stay away. BUT there is nothing wrong with using them (always do your own research about this). There are a few to stay clear from (clary calm is one!) but the vast majority of them are fine for use. I use Doterra and their Digestzen is wonderful! Using a carrier oil like Fractionated Coconut Oil and a drop of the oil, rubbing in a clockwise direction helped calm the stomach and in turn my morning sickness. Sometimes smelling/inhaling an oil that I loved calmed me down and made me feel better. There is lots of info out there on this subject.

4. Drugs

If your morning sickness gets really bad, or if you have just had enough (we all have different levels of tolerance) go to your doctor or midwife and let them know. There is something you can take that is safe for you and the baby. I took it. It helped.

5. Floor

If all else fails just lay on the floor. It’s cool. It’s horizontal. And who cares. You hurt. I would go from laying on my bedroom floor to bathroom floor to the kitchen floor. Then I would drive to work, go to the washroom and lay on that floor until about 9 am.  So gross I know, but I felt so gross I didn’t even care. Then the tea the drugs and the oils started to kick in and I could be somewhat functional for the day.

Let me know in the comments what helped you get through your morning sickness.





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