Monthly ‘to do’ list for a happy pregnancy

Becoming a new mom can be overwhelming. So many things to do and get ready. Where do you begin? What do you need to do? Try to stop stressing (easier said than done, I know!) and know that it will all get done when it get’s done. You are pregnant make the time to just enjoy your pregnancy and all that comes with it.  

Overwhelmed with all that you have to do during your pregnancy? So was I. That is why I followed this monthly to do list to help get me organized.

Month 1

Many soon to be moms don’t even know they are pregnant in this month!! Rejoice in your little secret!  Smile more, download the pregnancy app of choice (I used Baby Center) and just continue living as normal, only with a sweet secret growing inside of you!!

Month 2

Morning sickness may have hit by now if it hasn’t already. Stock up on plain crackers and ginger related items. Give yourself permission to be annoyed. Yes, you wanted this baby more then anything, yes you are eternally grateful to be pregnant. But yes, morning sickness is the worst. Just keep in mind, being sick means the baby is still there. Wondering how to beat morning sickness? Check out my post here.

Month 3

Start thinking about, if you haven’t already, how you want to tell the world you are pregnant!! Pinterest has some great ideas! Maybe you are announcing around a holiday or celebration and you could tie it in that way! I hit my 3rd month around Halloween. I special ordered a shirt that had a skeleton and a skeleton baby on it. Similar to this one. I made sure that I told everyone in person that I wanted too and then I wore the shirt to school on Halloween and then made a Facebook post about it.  It was super cute if I do say so myself!

Month 4

Hopefully, your morning sickness is gone and you are feeling better, getting that second wind so to speak! Look into some local classes around your area. Maybe try prenatal yoga, or see if there is a mom to be group that gets together.  A friend mentioned The Womb in Milton that she says has been a saving grace for her. It is a place that is for like-minded moms all going through the same types of things. A place to go and chat and feel like you belong.

Month 5

Look into taking prenatal classes as they fill up quickly!! The info was interesting and I did learn a few new things! If you haven’t been around babies much it’s a great place to ask those burning questions! I brought my mom with me as my support, but they were open to you bringing whoever you needed.  I actually had another SMBC in my class!

Month 6

Search out travel systems or car seats if you haven’t.  Go ‘test’ out a few strollers and see what you like. I was stuck between two, and the thing that cinched it for me was one of the strollers had a large plastic button in the middle of the handlebar. I tended to try to push the stroller with one hand there and it drove me crazy!!  Just keep in mind most strollers do the same things, it really isn’t as huge a decision as I made it out to be!!  ALSO book the car seat clinic now. I waited and the only day they had available was my daughter’s due date… and as she came early that wouldn’t have worked out too well. Thank goodness there was a cancellation!  They were wonderful and put the car seat in for me and showed me what to do! Bring your user manual with you!

Month 7

Buy diapers. Buy boxes and boxes. You are probably working right now so you have more income to spend! Diapers are expensive, it is easier to buy them now and eat at home one night, then it will be on maternity leave.  I purchased 3 boxes of newborns and 4 boxes of size 1. I wish I had purchased more! I looked for sales and used coupons. If you don’t open the boxes, a certain big box store that shall not be named will exchange sizes for you if you buy too many of one size.  While storing this many diapers made me look like a hoarder, I was super happy to have them on hand!

Month 8

Nesting. It is a thing. Just accept that you will want to clean all the things and fold all the teeny tiny cute little baby clothes. You will want to put away (and probably smell) the super small diapers and get your nursery ready if it isn’t already.  Nest away! Don’t use harsh cleaners though! Ask a friend or parent to do that part for you. Stay safe while making your home ready for baby!

Month 9

Take some time for yourself. Get a pedi, I am sure if you were like me, you haven’t seen your toes in a while! If you can, book a prenatal massage (if midwife/doctor says it’s okay!). Take the time off work, again if you are able to, and just do nothing. Binge watch a new show on Netflix, have a pyjama day and do nothing but eat chips, drink water and watch old movies. Whatever makes you happy! Enjoy some solitude and enjoy feeling your baby move inside of you!

What would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments!





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