My two week wait: Am I pregnant?

After waiting the two weeks it was time to find out for sure if the insemination took. Click to find out!










It was a long two-week wait! Partially because I was so sick the first week but mostly because just waiting for things seems to make the time go slower!  I didn’t have the urge to take an at-home pregnancy test. Which sounds odd, but I knew I would be getting a blood test that would be definitive so I just told myself that was the only way to know.

On Saturday, August 20th I went to my clinic for 8 am to find out my results. I am SO glad this was an early appointment. By now I was POSITIVE that I was pregnant. I was going by my only symptom which was tender breasts. I never experienced that feeling before so to me, that meant pregnancy.

I checked in, waited in the little waiting room to be called, got my blood taken and, well the rest is a blur actually. I have no idea what happened next. Did they bring me into an office or into the patient room? Was it a doctor or a nurse or a resident? No idea. All I know is that I was right!!


I couldn’t believe it! I was so thrilled and so thankful. I know how hard this journey is and to get pregnant on my first try is really a miracle.

The next 12 weeks were a blur of weekly to biweekly ultrasounds and decisions to make about getting the Trisomy 21 test (non-evasive, ultrasound screening).

The decision to test for Trisomy 21 is a very private and personal one. We all have our own reasons to test or not to test and those should be respected by others.  Do your research and trust your heart.  Do what you need to do to be happy and comfortable.  

I loved going in weekly, then bi-weekly and getting to see how my little baby was growing.  It was an amazing way to start my day and I always left feeling reassured that there was still a baby in me!

How many tries did it take you to become pregnant?




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