As a Single Mom sometimes I wish I wasn’t alone

 Being a single mom by choice is the best thing I ever did. Sometimes though, it is hard to be alone. It can be the simple things that cause some frustration. Okay, that isn’t fully true, I love my life with E. I wouldn’t change it for the world. But there are times when being alone is frustrating, or sad or just plain hard.

E has been doing a lot of discovering lately. A few months ago I got to watch her discover her hands, then her feet. It was such a joy to see! She looked so perplexed at first. (I have it on video and I snapped a photo.) Just last night she discovered reflections. We were laying on the ground and her mirror caught the light from the ceiling and reflected it onto the ceiling. We lay there for 20 minutes just watching it move (as we took turns moving the mirror). I didn’t capture this in a photo or video. I was just with my daughter.

I enjoy just being in the moment with my little girl. Being beside her when she is discovering new things and becoming engrossed in what she is learning. I am making memories that I will be able to share with her later.

I sometimes wish that someone was there to capture the photo that I decided not to take. I chose to live in the moment, to create the memory to be present with my daughter. I do not, nor have I ever regretted it. That is what life is about. But it would be nice to have someone to snap the photo that I didn’t take. Even if I have to tell them to take it.

In the moment photos, candid photos, are something I won’t have many of. I am okay with that. I have come to terms with it. I am REALLY good at taking selfies with my kid, so that I too, can be in the photo with her. So she will have photos of me too.

My mom is great for trying to take pictures of me and E, and I so appreciate that. My mom BFF too. She has a significant other, but she wishes she had more candid shots of her and her little too. I get that having a SO doesn’t mean I would always get those shots, but there is a better chance of it happening! Ha!

It just would be nice, sometimes. You know?

Do you feel this way? Do you wish someone was there to take those photos for you? Let me know in the comments!




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