Mini shopping Ban Week 2

A recap of how my first week shopping ban and my second week rules. Read on to find out!


So, my week 1 shopping ban went well So onto my mini shopping ban week 2!

I think I did an excellent job. Was it perfect? Um no. But that leaves room for improvement!!!  It was harder than I thought it would be. I find I am drawn to going online shopping, well, all the time… When I am bored, watching TV, waiting for E to get up… I go on to see the latest deals, if my wishlist stuff is on sale, etc. I just need to get more self-control.

This week will be great. Again, a bit of a cheat week since nothing is open on New Years. Well, Amazon is always open…

Here are the rules I had for the first week.

What I CAN buy for the FIRST WEEK*

  • Groceries  Yup bought groceries
  • Toiletries  Toilet paper
  • Modge podge with a coupon 50% off coupon! Say what!
  • Christmas tree that is prelit (if it is a good deal)    Didn’t find one, so I guess that is a win?
  • Birthday gift  Didn’t get a chance to go out, so that will be this week
  • I am considering a Fitbit Alta HR… Must be on sale and we will see

What I CAN NOT buy for the FIRST WEEK

  • Clothes for myself   Bought NO CLOTHES!
  • Clothes for E – this will be hard   Bought nothing for E either! I am so proud! It was so hard.
  • Toys for E – also hard  She got such great stuff for Christmas, I didn’t buy anything for her this week, even though there were great deals!
  • Anything on Amazon (so sad!)  I looked. I hemmed and hawed, I did not buy
  • Junk food/candy eek… I bought fudge. I love fudge. It’s bad… That was the last time,  I swear
  • Fast food  I almost failed here. I was so tempted to buy pizza, but I came home and made a quick dinner instead! Ya me
  • Alcohol  I bought 4 cans of beer for NYE. Didn’t end up needing them… fail

I also bought E a tote for her baby stuff (memory box like) and a command hook for her bibs. I bought extra groceries for making apps for the party, that was not accounted for.

So I guess it wasn’t a bad week! It was harder than I thought it would be that is for sure. Which is hilarious, because it is only 7 days… Like really.

Well, I didn’t save any money this week, due to the unforeseen double grocery bill. But I didn’t buy anything either so that is a HUGE win for me!!

This Shopping ban second-week hopping ban should be easy… Well, it is crazy cold out, and it is so easy to shop online when it is like this. But I got this!

What I CAN buy for the SECOND WEEK

  • Groceries – aiming for just once at the store this week!
  • Birthday gift X2
  • Railing on my stairs – if it happens this week
  • Kitchen Cabinets – if it happens this week

What I CAN NOT buy for the SECOND WEEK

  • Clothes for myself   
  • Clothes for E – this will be hard
  • Toys for E – also hard
  • Anything on Amazon (so sad!)  
  • Junk food/candy 
  • Fast food  
  • Alcohol 

Not a whole not different really… Which is good I guess, will make it easy to stay on track!

Did you try a mini shopping ban yet? Is anything stopping you? Let me know in the comments



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