A look back at my first trimester

First Trimester

During the first 3 months of my pregnancy, I had morning sickness. (Check this link out to see a few ways to combat this!)

Well, that isn’t really true.

For my first month, I felt AWESOME! I even went on a rad trip with a friend of mine. You can read all about our great lake adventures here.(to be added soon)

Second Month

But once that 4 or 5-week mark hit, I started to not feel so great. Perfect timing too… I was heading back to work. At a new school. Where I knew no one. To say I was a bit stressed is an understatement.

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It started with 24/7 nausea. That was fun. I would wake up feeling sick and go to bed feeling sick. Nothing ever came of it, just that constant nauseous feeling. Smells started to bother me too. I wanted to paint the baby’s room (a lovely grey since I didn’t know what I was having) and I had to stay at my parent’s place for like a week. Every Time I went home the smell would overwhelm me and I would feel worse. But I had to have it done!


Oh, food…

Then food started to gross me out. Meat was the first to go. The smell of it cooking really turned my stomach. All meat too, which was super sad! I went to some car races with some friends and for dinner, we went to this delicious burger place. Instead of having a yummy burger I had fries and garlic bread.

For my meal.

Yay carbs!

As the days progressed, ALL vegetables started to gross me out. I was eating a stir fry that I made and I put a mouthful in and then I spit that mouthful right back out.

I couldn’t stomach it. Brutal. Eating became a chore.

The nausea slowly turned into morning sickness. I was blessed in that, I was sick in the mornings only now. But my stomach was still not accepting all food. Even my staple of oatmeal and fruit was now out the window.

It was like my stomach had turned into a cow’s stomach that could differentiate between food groups! I would have my oatmeal with blueberries and strawberries, then 10 minutes later be sick, but only sick with the fruit. The oatmeal stayed down. HA.

Giving up orange juice was hard. I LOVE my OJ in the mornings but man did that make me sick.

I swear, for the first 3 months I survived on carbs and carbs alone.

Also, I had really low blood pressure, I felt dizzy often throughout the day and I would see stars and have to sit down (sometimes in the most inopportune spots and times).

I was super stoked when I hit 3 months for so many reasons. This had to mean that my morning sickness would stop and then and I could tell everyone I was pregnant!

Third Month

My 3-month mark was around Halloween, so I bought this super cute shirt to make my school announcement and my facebook announcement (it’s not real until it is on Facebook right! HA). I was totally bummed that only one grade 5 class got what my shirt was saying! No one else commented. My FB post, however, was a hit!

My nausea, morning sickness and blood pressure, however, didn’t get better. It didn’t get worse, but no improvement.

How were your first three months of pregnancy? Were you lucky enough to not get morning sickness? Let me know below.