My top ten baby gifts for Christmas under 20$

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A top 10 list of fun and educational toys for babies under a year.



Are you looking for a few easy and inexpensive baby gifts? Look no further I have compiled a list of E’s top 10 favourite toys, all for your convenience.






  1. Vtech Busy Learners Cube – 16$
    This is E’s favourite toy when she visits her girlfriend’s house. If they were bigger I am sure they would fight over this toy. It has 5 educational sides that introduce animal names and sounds, musical instruments and shapes.  The songs are catchy and you will find yourself singing them when you least expect it.

2. Munchkin Rubber Ducky – 4$

Classic bath toy. Inexpensive and heaps of fun. E LOVES playing, chewing and throwing this little guy every bath.

3. Munchkin Squirten’ Barnyard Friends – 13$

When not chewing on her ducky, she is reaching and grabbing for her floating barnyard friends. I have always loved bath time with E, but watching her play with her bath toys still makes me smile.

4. Infantino squeeze blocks – 14$

These are a new addition to E’s toybox and while we aren’t building yet, they still are fun to play with.  E grabs these blocks using her pincer grasp and enjoys chewing on them too. E loves to watch me smash the blocks together and while she isn’t quite there, I know she will love that too!

5. Fisher Price Rock-a-stack – 8$

Classic game. I am sure you had one when you were a kid too. Some toys are just meant to be had. This is one.

6. Fisher-Price Roller Blocks Tumblin’ Zebra – 20$

Once your little one is sitting this is a fun toy to have! It is bigger than anticipated, but loads of fun. Pick up the block, drop it through zebra’s head and watch the arms jump up while the block falls down. This one gets a few giggles.

7. Bright Starts Safari Beats – 19$

This is our only ‘has batteries’ toy and it is a favourite of both E and mine. She loves to button smash with her feet, or by flipping it upside down and pressing the back (smart cookie). Anything to make the music come out!

8. Oball Rattle and Roll Toy Car – 7$

E may be a little girl but that doesn’t mean she can’t play with cars! This car is easy to grip and makes a great rattle noise as she rolls, shakes and chews on it.  We like to sit and roll it between ourselves… Well, I roll it to her. She picks it up and eats it. Whatever, it’s still fun!

9. Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set – 10$

Bright and texture’y these balls are fun to chew on and grab. I roll them to E and she grabs them and so ends our game… I can’t wait until she is able to push things back to me!

10. Fisher-Price Monster Pop up surprise – 35$

Now, this is over my 20$ limit, but I 100% didn’t pay that! It goes on sale, so watch for it! (But it is totally worth it!) E has a blast with this toy. Our favourite thing right now is for me to pop one open and her to close it. Then I clap for her and she gets excited and grabs my hand. It is a great game!  This toy has been her go to for a few months now.