What to pack in a carry on for baby and you

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Traveling is stressful enough, let alone with a baby! Here is a post about how I packed in a carry on for a short trip.


Well, we survived. I took E to Montreal for a 5-day visit with family and friends. I had looked at taking the train, but it would have taken 6-8hrs, which is such a long time! While I would not be driving, this wasn’t overly ideal. I looked at flying and low and behold it was almost the same price to fly as it was to take the train! And it would only take an hour! SOLD.

As I booked, I noticed that luggage had a cost of 35$… This spoke to me like a challenge. Can you pack for you and baby in carry on only??


I called the airline and found out that I get two carry-ons (a bag and a large purse) and baby also gets 1 carry on! The airport also will take your stroller and check it for free.

The first thing to do was to purchase a bag that I could use as a carry-on. I researched and through Sarah’s blog, decided on the G4Free bag.

I got a bright green one. I used prime and it arrived in 1 day! (Oh Prime I love you!). It arrived exactly as advertised. I was pumped!

I borrowed my friends packing cubes and set to work figuring out what I would need to bring for each of us. I decided on one packing cube for my things, and two for Es. One for her clothes, and one for her receiving blankets, towel etc.

I was staying with a friend, so I knew I had access to the laundry which helped cut down on everything.

Here is what I packed:

3 pairs of sweet legs
1 pair of jean shorts
2 t-shirts
2 tank tops
1 bra
2 pairs of socks
Pajama top
Pajama bottom
Pj bra

I wore:
1 black light pant
1 tank top
1 flamingo button up
1 bra

E’s clothes
3 sleepers
8 onesies
3 pairs of pants
1 sleep hat
A handful of headbands

E wore:
1 jean dress
1 pair of pants
1 sweatshirt
1 headband

E’s bag of baby stuff
1 towel
10 baby clothes
3 receiving blankets
2 muslin blankets
3 toys – 1 she hadn’t seen in ages
1 toy blanket
Diapers – more than I thought I needed for the trip (I bought a bag when I arrived)

Toiletries and Liquids
1 lush shampoo bar
1/2 lush conditioner bar – carried in these
1 small tube of my face wash – not full
1 small tube of my face lotion – not full
1 small tube of Es wash to share
1 small tube of Es lotion to share
1 travel toothpaste
1 toothbrush
5 floss sticks
Essential oils – cheer, console, peace, stomach tamer, tea tree

E’s Carry on
Dock-a-tot Deluxe

My Carry On
Diaper bag
-my ring sling, diapers, wipes, change of clothes X2 for E and a tank top for me, two toys, change pad, nursing cover, wet bag, water bottle, sunglasses, and E’s medicine in this amazing cooler bag from skip-hop.

I look at this and think it is a lot! You may look and think the opposite. Well, I think I packed too much!! E’s amount was perfect. You never know when you will have a blowout or 4… But for myself, I didn’t even wear a pair of leggings, and the pants I wore down were unnecessary. I should have just worn a pair of tights. The only thing I wish I had was a sweater/sweatshirt. How I forgot this, I do not know. I would have gladly replaced my flamingo shirt for a sweatshirt!

I definitely brought too much wash and lotion, but they were in the small bottles so it wasn’t really relevant. I also could have gotten away with not bringing Es towel as I only bathed her once (eek!)

I was totally impressed with myself and the ability to pack everything as a carry-on! The backpack was full, but not busting, my diaper bag (purse) was full of diapers, wipes and just in case necessities. Es dock-a-tot is squishy and light.


As you can see from the photo we don’t look to loaded up! I used the Mommy Hook to carry the Dock-a-tot on the stroller, I wore the bag and my diaper bag was on the stroller.




I was really worried about the whole stroller/car seat thing. I thought I was going to have to check the car seat before getting to the gate. So I bought this car seat cover, and I attached the ‘big girl’ seat to the stroller, which makes the stroller so much heavier. Turns out I was fine. They let me bring the stroller and car seat to the gate, where I checked it on the silver trolley outside the plane door. (we boarded off the tarmac). I still used the car seat cover and was glad I had it. I put E in our ring sling, and packed up the car seat into the travel bag, wore my pack and had everything else still attached to the stroller. Because we get to board first I wasn’t stressed about holding people up.

Once I was called to board it went pretty smoothly. I was carrying E and pushed the stroller out to the tarmac, I put the car seat and stroller up, unhooked the dock-a-tot and placed it on the trolley along with my bag. I brought just my diaper bag onboard. When we disembarked, everything was right there for us! I was able to grab my stuff quickly, open the stroller put E into her car seat and walk into the airport! SO EASY!

All in all our first flight and packing experience was a win! Stay tuned for a post about our actual trip!

When you travel do you pack carry on only or do you pay the fee (if applicable) and check your luggage?

Do you think bringing a carry on will continue to be an obtainable goal as E grows?

Let me know what you think in the comments!



Traveling is stressful enough, let alone with a baby! Here is a post about how I packed in a carry on for a short trip.

Traveling is stressful enough, let alone with a baby! Here is a post about how I packed in a carry on for a short trip.