6 tips to baby proofing your home

Is your baby crawling and you are looking at baby proofing your house! Here are 6 amazing tips to help keep your baby safe.

So you have a new crawler in your home! Congrats! Me too!!  I thought I had done a decent job of baby proofing the main areas E will be in, but when she started to crawl, I knew I had to go through it all again!

Babies can move fast, and boy, do they love to get into stuff they shouldn’t! Cheeky little things!

Here are 6 tips to help baby proof your home and keep your heart at ease. Please pay special attention to tip 4!



1. Get down to their height

All the small things!! You really don’t’ realize how many small items you have on hand, down low and everywhere, until you have a crawler! Get down on your hands and knees, or belly even to be the same height as your newly crawling babe. Look at what you can see that is within their reach and remove it, put it higher, or PURGE!


2. Cabinets and Drawers

I have two sets of these cabinet slide locks from Safety First. I use them on my sink in the kitchen and in the bathroom. These are the only two places I really don’t want E to get into. They have been cleaned out, all the chemicals have been purged (I am all about making my own – who knew I would be so granola! LOVE IT!). But it is where the garbage and recycling are located along with garbage bags, my hair dryer/straightener and feminine products are. Just not safe.  

The other cabinets and drawers hold stuff that is fine for E to get into. My Tupperware drawer is the bottom one that she can access, pans are in another (for sweet banging) and I emptied the open shelf in my kitchen.  Things are a bit all over right now, but I will get my groove on!


3. Electricity

I purchased plugs to put in all the sockets. They have been in place for ages. I just feel so much safer with them in. She hasn’t tried to go for them yet, thank goodness, but there is still time.  She does LOVE wires. My entertainment area is a mass of wires. I have put the power bar into an open weaved basket and placed it on top of my sound woofer thing (yes technical terms only…) E can’t access those wires, but I swear she knows they are there.  MOve those wires out of the way if you can. Or block access to them. Also let your little one know that NO they cannot play there, and redirect.


4. Chargers

We all know that chargers are HUGE power sucks. They should be unplugged when not in use to save money. Well, they really should be unplugged now, because if your child puts that plug into their mouth they can get electrocuted! The charger is LIVE and pulling electricity from the wall. So please, please PLEASE unplug those computer, phone, tablet chargers and store them out of babies reach!


5. Purge time

Use this time to purge. We have so much stuff that just sits in piles, underneath coffee tables and out of the way shelves (to name a few) because they really don’t have anywhere to go. I have the perfect location for you. The garbage/recycling/give away pile.  You are going to find that once you have gone through the above list, you have a ton of stuff and nowhere to put it. If you use it, then it is time to find a home for it. If you sometimes use it, or you are thinking well, I might… then it might be an item to get rid of.


6. Leaving some things

You can’t baby proof everything. Well, you can, but I am not that mom. I have purged all the necessary safety things, but there are certain things that are just going to stay where they are.  E is always reaching up for my DVR and PVR, but I am not moving them. So I tell E a firm NO, and I redirect her. Sometimes 10 times in 5 minutes, by then I sometimes will then put her in the jolly jumper or exersaucer to take her mind off it. Babies need to learn the word no. It’s a safety issue and when they are older a consent issue. So I have no issues teaching little E now that there are sometimes she just can’t touch, no matter how awesome looking.  It is more work than if I moved the item, but I am being real here, that isn’t going to happen.


There you go, a simple and concise list of how to make your house safer for baby and you!  Comment below and let me know of ways you baby proofed your house!