My mini shopping ban, week 1

As a way to get my finances in shape, I have gone on a mini shopping ban. Read on to find out what my plan is!



I am nearing the end (sob) of my maternity leave. While I go back to work in April, I won’t be receiving a full pay. My job holds some of my money to pay me over the summer. In essence, I will work 2.5 months but get paid that out over 4.5 months.


I need to tighten the money reigns over here.  While I did a great job saving before my mat leave, knowing full well that I would need a cushion, but I am feeling a bit nervous about running out.

Now, I don’t think I will run out but I would rather have money ‘left over’ then be scrambling in the end.

But shopping…

I like to shop. There I said it. I am a shopaholic. It is bad. Online shopping is just so EASY! Who doesn’t love shopping in their PJs, lounging on their couch and sipping wine! Honestly.

Well, this brings us here. To my decision to go on a shopping ban.

Yes, a shopping ban. (I may have cried a bit writing this)

Now, Cait Flanders inspired this shopping ban. Check her out and see her reasons for the ban. She, mind you, is much more motivated than I. I yearlong shopping ban freaks me out a bit, and with a baby… well, I am sure it is doable, but I am not there yet.

Mini Ban

So I am going to do a mini ban. I find the thought of long-term no shopping a bit scary, which goes to show you how much of a problem I have….  But I also think that saying I can’t shop for a year, will make me impulse buy like crazy right now, because I ‘need’ it or will ‘need’ it in the future, and since I can’t buy anything for a year… Which totally defeats the purpose of a shopping ban!

That is where the MINI part comes in. I am going to do my shopping ban for a week. One week. 7 days, 168 hours… You can do anything for a week. It isn’t so long that I feel like I need to buy buy buy before the ban, and yet it is long enough that I will feel good about not shopping!


Rules. There have to be rules. Things to help keep me in line. But because it is only for a week, the rules aren’t too in-depth or scary.

What I CAN buy for the FIRST WEEK*

  • Groceries
  • Toiletries
  • Modge podge with a coupon
  • Christmas tree that is prelit (if it is a good deal)
  • Birthday gift

What I CAN NOT buy for the FIRST WEEK

  • Clothes for myself
  • Clothes for E – this will be hard
  • Toys for E – also hard
  • Anything on Amazon (so sad!)
  • Junk food/candy
  • Fast food
  • Alcohol

*I have some renos coming up that haven’t been booked yet, but they need to be done. So those I will allow as it is not just some willy-nilly purchase, but a pre-planned need.

See easy.

Well, the nothing on Amazon may be difficult… I love Amazon.

Next Week

I plan on starting this next week… Yes, the week of Christmas. Kind of a cheat week really… I will be with my family for most of it and won’t really feel the need to shop! Even on boxing day (well except a new Christmas Tree).

My plan is to reassess on Saturday, adjust the rules if need be. Things come up that are not planned for (car repairs, birthday you forgot, etc) so these rules are not set in stone, I can adjust if need be. I think what will help make this work is being flexible when needed, and rigid the rest of the time. Obviously, I can’t adjust it to fit my shopping needs, that would defeat the purpose, but small adjustments if necessary are allowed.

Stay tuned to find out how I did for my first week!

Have you ever done a shopping ban? How did you do? Let me know in the comments!